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Plowing Day and

Old Fashioned Fair

September 20, 2008


Plowing Day 2008 is now in the history books. But you can still enjoy the day with these pictures from the event. We will be adding more pictures in the next few days.

Many of the displays in the barn showed off wears in the Food & Fiber category.

This display of heritage apples and other homegrown produce had many visitors over the day. And even a follow-up request on where to find some of the heritage apples.

Seneca County Cooperative Extension is the place to take many of your farm and home questions.

In the Hunt barn these ladies were demonstrating the art of hand spinning yarn.

Also in the food and fiber category, hand dyed wool yarns from Schaefer Yarns of Interlaken.

A "Hit-N-Miss" engine attached to a corn sheller.


Mark Powell led the tractor parade with this Maple Leaf Farms John Deere tractor.

I guess you are never too young to learn how to steer a John Deere. He just needed a little help with the pedals.

Historical Society president Allan Buddle has the reigns of the horses and plow as the plowing demonstration gets under way. The rest of the tractors are lined up waiting their turn.

"On a clear day..." It may not have been a truly clear day but Eric Hunt had the best seat in the area for the plowing demonstration. And now you can see all of the field being plowed or if you turn to the north you can see Cayuga Lake. Eric was standing on a platform at the top of the silo across from the field. In the lower right corner is the top edge of the silo. Thank you Eric for all of these wonderful pictures and to the Persoons and Hunts for allowing us to see the field from this wonderful vantage point.  By the end of the afternoon 16 acres of field were ready, with thanks to all of the plowing demonstrators.








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