Lodi to Florida Via Automobile  1920ís Style   January 2006 Volume 31 No. 3

        As Bill Gates was reading the older copies of the Interlaken Review he found the following items that tell a very different story about traveling to Florida from the one we all know today. We get in our cars and head south along a very similar route to the one described below. The difference being we can leave Seneca County at 7:00 a.m. one morning, and with relative ease be in any part of Florida sometime the following day or days as our plans allow. What follows are the reports from the Interlaken Review concerning a group from Lodi who left that area on November 3, 1920 and arrived in Florida on December 1st.  (Editorís note: spellings, grammar and punctuation are from the originals.)

October 29, 1920 Interlaken Review  On Wednesday morning next at 7 oíclock there are seven cars that will leave Lodi bound for Florida. The party will include Herman Smith and family, Halsey Covert and family, Alonzo Egan, wife and daughter, Charles A. Farr, Geo. Rose, Fred Spear, John Rollins, Charles Harris and wife, Geo. Burr and family. Perhaps others may join. Geneva, Florida, is the destination. The Review will report the trip.

November 5, 1920 Interlaken Review George Crisfield and family left Thursday morning for Florida, by auto with the others, making 6 cars in the party.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Raymond were among those leaving by car Thursday morning for Florida, list of whom was given last week.

November 19, 1920 Interlaken Review The party that left Lodi, Thursday morning, November 3, by automobiles bound for Florida report their trip as follows:

Lawrence Corners, Pa., Nov. 4, Tenting tonight at the above place. Made only 81 miles today, account of several city stops. Roads good. We have with us Doctor and Mrs. Lang of Cato, who joined us at Ithaca, making 29 in party.

Milton, PA., Nov. 5 Camped here tonight. Made 85 Miles over rough mountain roads, 20 miles of detour. All well and enjoying ourselves. We find we have home talent enough in party to give a fair show each evening.

Gettysburg, PA., Nov 7 Camping today on Battle ground occupied by the Confederate Army in the first dayís battle. Owned by Mr. Plank, father of base ball pitcher Plank. Made 115 miles Saturday. Roads mostly very hard surface. Dr. Lang is writing an account of the trip to his home paper in Cato and requesting a copy be sent to you which you can copy as you desire. Expects to remain here Monday at least. No car troubles so far.

Winchester, VA Nov 9 Held camp at Gettysburg until 9:30 a.m. Made about 90 miles. Roads all fine. State roads except detour Gettysburg to Emmettsburg 17 miles dirt (hard gravel) and Halls to Charlestown, W.VA., 10 miles gravel. We were delayed this a.m. account of making shipment of part of our loads by express. We found we were all overloaded for the mountainous roads. Rained today, around in shirt sleeves tonight.

Stanton, VA., Nov. 10 Made about 90 miles today. All State round and fine. We camp about 15 miles north of Stanton tonight, 2 cars has some tire trouble today. Have passed 4 Toll gates up to date. Raining tonight. We find the people very hospitable all along the line. The scenery today has been grand. All well.

Adial, VA Nov 11 camped here tonight. Made only 58 miles today. Had about 20 miles of wet red clay mountain road, some road Iíll say. About all we could do to handle our lads. Quite cool here tonight. All well.

Ten miles north of Lynchburg, Va., Nov 12 camped here tonight. Made only 38 miles today over the roughest rocky road ever seen. Would advise any one going to Florida to avoid this route. All cars came through which seems impossible after what they had to travel over. Forded 10 streams. Quite cold here tonight.

Oak Grove, VA Nov 13 camped here tonight. Made 59 miles today. Delayed in morning doing some work on cars. Road some better but could be a great deal better. Froze ice last night.

Denim, N.C., Nov. 14 camping at above town. Made 70 miles today on very fine Sand Clay roads. Were obliged to travel today account of cold in mountains where we camped last night, froze about inch of ice last night.

November 26, 1920 Interlaken Review

Ether, N.C., Nov. 15 Made only 45 miles today account crank burned out of one car. Raining tonight. Roads here all clay gravel and sand, a very good hard road. All well.

Pine Bluff, N.C. Nov. 17 Camping here tonight. Stayed in camp yesterday account of rain. Made only 45 miles today account late start and one car breaking drive pinion. Roads mostly sand and good after the rain. Still cool. Found quite a number of N.Y. people here.

McBee, S.C., Nov. 18 Made about 60 miles today over mostly sand and some if it pretty deep. Delayed until 10:30 a.m., finishing repairs on car. Drove bare handed today for first. Traveled with Cotton Fields on both sides of road most of the day. Natives were very busy picking it now. The road is full of Tourists for Florida.

Columbia, S.C., Nov. 19 Camping 3 miles south of Columbia. Made 80 miles through deep sand roads Cotton selling here for 25 and 30 cents per pound. Sweet Potatoes $1.50 per bushel, New York State apples selling for 5 cents each. We are not eating apples now.

Aiken, S.C., Nov. 20 Camping 7 miles south of above place. Made 80 miles today over sand and clay. Quite rough and deep sand. Spend some time going through a Cotton Ginnery and oil and meal mill at Leesville. Very Interesting. Very warm driving today. Our tents are pitched in a Cotton field tonight.

Sparta, Georgia, Nov 22 Camping three miles southeast of above town. Made 84 miles today. Roads in Georgia very good, sand-clay, good width and well cared for. Weather fine; very hot in sun.

December 10, 1920 Interlaken Review

Macon, Ga., Nov 23 Camping 3 miles south of Macon tonight. Made 64 miles over very good clay roods. Delayed by two cars having to replace front springs. We have on our camp ground tonight 7 cars beside our own, 14 in all from New York State. Looks like quite a town. Fine sunny days, cool northwest wind.

Vienna, GA., Nov 24 Camping 2 miles south of this town. Layed over in camp the a.m. and cleaned engines. Made 50 miles over very nice roads. Two cars from Geneva, N.Y., stopped and visited a while today. One party was Mr. Stokie and wife, who I met at Hamilton, Canada, on my way from Flint, Mich., 2 years ago, and havenít seen since. Have had a fine warm day.

Tifton, Ga., Nov 25 Camped 1 mile south of Tifton. Stayed in camp at Vienna until 1:30 p.m. for Thanksgiving dinner. Made 56 miles over good hard clay and sand roads. Weather fine.

Live Oak, Fla., Nov 26 Camped tonight on bank of Swannee river near Ellaville. Roads through Georgia are the best of any State we have passed through. They do a lot of work on them. Roads in Florida are Sand and Clay as far as we have gone and some rough, but fine as compared with roads of the Carolinas. Weather fine. Made 86 miles today.

Bradford, Fla., Nov 27 Camping here for over Sunday. Made only 36 miles today account of heavy rain welling some coil boxes in cars. Roads sand-clay and torn mostly to pieces for 40 or more miles through here. Weather clear tonight.

Gainesville, Fla., Nov 29 Camping 1Ĺ miles south of Gainesville tonight. Made 56 miles over a very bad sand road. Had about 5 miles of State road, first we have seen for some time. One man here said he counted license tags on cars in City Park one night this week and they were from 22 different Sates. Said he asked one man from Michigan if there were any left in that State and he said just one man and he was cranking his car.

Leesburg, Fla., Nov 30 Camping on City Camp grounds tonight. Made 77 miles over mostly improved roads. Rained some in forenoon but warm air. We went through ice plant just across street from us last evening. It sells for 60 cents per 100 lbs here.

Geneva, Fla., Dec. 1 Arrived here at 1:30 p.m. Spend some little time at Sanford. Also 1 car with tire trouble. Made about 70 miles over fine roads, brick and tar. Several our party got jobs in packing house in less than one hour after arrival. A good sized crop of oranges and grape fruit. Received all of our Reviews, and glad to them you can bet.