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Important Events in the Development of the Town of Covert 

July 25, 1782                  Military Tract created to compensate Revolutionary War soldiers

March 5, 1794               Onondaga County established from the Military Tract

March 5, 1794               Town of Ovid created within Onondaga County

March 8, 1799               Cayuga County created from Onondaga County

February 16, 1803 Baptist Church of Covert established, known as Baptist Church of Ovid and Hector. Under Elder Thomas became the Mother Church spinning off 12 additional Baptist Churches

March 29, 1804             Seneca County created from Cayuga County

March 19, 1810             Ithaca & Geneva Turnpike Incorporated

                        1811        Corduroy road completed

                        1812        First schoolhouse in Farmerville in a log cabin and later, a frame building. Called Farmerville Academy

June 12, 1814                 Captain Hathaway’s Company a unit of the New York Volunteers proceeded to the Niagara Frontier

January 31, 1815           Post Office established at Mc Call’s store- first in Seneca County

April 7, 1817                  Town of Covert created from Town of Ovid and included in the establishment of Tompkins County

April 13, 1819                Town of Covert returned from Tompkins County to Seneca County

May 8, 1819                   Name of Post Office changed from Mc Calls Store to Farmer

October 18, 1819           Union Baptist Church in Christ organized in Farmer

Early Summer 1820       First Steam Boat on Cayuga Lake (The Enterprise) Passengers avoided stage coach ride from Ithaca to Geneva

March 8, 1824               Post Office established at Covert

January 26, 1826           Town of Lodi established from Town of Covert

June 28, 1828                 Bethel Chapel of Covert organized

November 28, 1830       Reformed Church of Farmerville organized. Formerly called the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church.

March 30, 1843             Military Lots No. 34, 40, 41, 42 in Township of Ovid annexed to Town of Covert

1847                                The South and North Cemetery Associations were formed





February 10, 1850 Universalist Church formed

March 12, 1850             Annual Meeting of the Town of Covert held in new Covert Town Hall

May 5, 1856                   Post Office established at Port Deposit

                        1860        The South and North Cemetery Associations were merged to form the Farmerville-Union Cemetery

                        1863        John M. Chadwick detailed to organize a band for the 3rd Brigade and was later appointed leader. Band mostly comprised of members of the 126th New York Volunteers

 November 20, 1865       Name of Post Office changed from Farmer to Farmer Village

                        1866        Inception of taxing all landowners to support Common Schools grade 1 to 6

                        1867        Farmerville Institute, a select school operating in Farmer Village

 October 28, 1869           Farmer Union Free School opened

 June 4, 1870                   Maiden voyage of largest and last steamboat (The Frontenac) on Cayuga Lake. Burned on July 27, 1907. Eight lives lost

September 13, 1873      Geneva & Ithaca Railroad completed

April 2, 1874                  Farmer Grange No. 160 organized

June 4, 1874                   Cornerstone laid for the St. Francis Solanus Catholic Church.

July 4, 1876                    One thousand people gather at the Baptist Church of Covert to hear the first ringing of the new bell to commemorate the centennial of the Declaration of Independence

September 30, 1876      Geneva & Ithaca Railroad came under control of Lehigh Valley Railroad

December 30, 1880       The Big Fire started from hot ashes dumped in a wooden ash barrel

February 17, 1891 Cataract Engine and Hose Company No. 1 organized in Farmer Village

May 26, 1892                 Name of Post Office changed from Farmer Village to Farmer

                        1895        Phone Service provided by Seneca Telephone Company

August 14, 1896           Universalist Church property sold and used as a bean elevator. Bell given to the Fire Company. Building burned on July 23, 1904.

                        1900        Secondary school approved in Farmer

                        1903        Ovid Electric Company organized

March 2, 1904               Village of Interlaken Incorporated

                        1904        Farmer Union Free School and Farmer Academy became Interlaken High School

May 20, 1904                 Name of Post Office changed from Farmer to Interlaken

April 1, 1911                  Covert Grange No. 1227 organized

                        1921        Hinman family purchased, restored and gave to the Village of Interlaken the former Hinman home for a public library.

July 1927                        Camp Barton established on the grounds of the Frontenac Hotel

July  1935                       Severe summer thunderstorms devastated the area causing flooding and much damage to roads, railroads, buildings and crops

July 1, 1934                    Interlaken Central School organized, the new building opened for classes January 1936

                                        October 31, 1951           Interlaken Historical Society formed to preserve the history of South Seneca County

                                       Somedate 1963              New Post office opens on site of former Bergen Home, Main Street at West Avenue.






May 1, 1968                   Voters approve merger of Interlaken and Ovid Central Schools, now know as
the South Seneca School District

 April 25, 1970                Covert Grange disbanded. Members turned to Interlaken Grange






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