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The Museums are open Saturdays in July and August from 11 am to 2 pm and by appointment please email or call 607-280-2099.

 Learn about the agricultural background of our community, or see original artifacts from the American Indian village in the Town of Covert. Restored Arch Chadwick photographs from Glass plate negatives will be on display as well as many other exciting new and old items.




So Good a Time

Diary of Olive Evans Williams

by Nancy Saultz Radloff

      The Interlaken Historical Society is pleased to announce the recent publication of “So Good a Time”: Life in the 1870s as Documented in the Diary of Olive Evans Williams, the new book written by local author Nancy Saultz Radloff.

      Olive Williams began her diary in 1873, when she was 10˝ years old. The last entry was written in September, 1878; the title of the book was taken from that final entry. Olive wrote about life on the farm, school and social events, health and dental care, Westward expansion, travel by train, boat, and buggy, and the difficult economic times faced by her family and their neighbors.

      The book, which includes a complete transcription of the diary, presents the historical context of Olive’s account of her life.

      Dr. Radloff addresses these issues and connects them to Olive’s words, setting national trends into a personal context. It is the first time Olive’s diary has been available to the public, and many local residents will be pleased to see their ancestors mentioned. For example, Olive’s older half-brother Ransom and half-sister Stella both married Rappleyes, and one of Olive’s best friends was Jennie Covert.


Order your copy today! 


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Summer Events 2009


Plowing Day 2008


Old Fashion Social July 2007


Hamlet of Covert Tour  Summer 2006


Underground Railroad Program 2006

Plowing the Soil: 1770 – 2005 A Day of Plows & Plowing


Olde Home Day 2008

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Olde Home Day 2006

Olde Home Day 2005  

Olde Home Day 2004   


Photo Album of Past Monday evening programs
            Ithaca Calendar Clocks,
April 2009








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